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About Us

Ruala Properties was founded by Laura Phillips as a land acquisition and development company based in Newcastle upon Tyne but with outreach and projects nationwide. Its focus has always been to build close relationships with its clients.
This has allowed it to have worked with vendors and landowners situated in many locations,  from Newcastle all the way to Cambridgeshire
Due to its strategic partnerships, Ruala Properties has been able to leverage its large networks and work closely with landowners and their individual situation, providing a “win win” scenario for all parties involved.
Ruala Properties

Our Vision

Ruala Properties has always had the vision to provide the best service to its clients and community due to its heavy emphasis on relationships. Longevity is much more important that a short term win.

Land Required

Ruala Properties is always looking for land opportunities and to work with people and build new relationships. They are interested in transforming land, with potential, into residential developments bespoke to the area.
Ruala Properties are specialist in land without planning permission but also are interested in exploring land that does have planning consent.
Sites that are Subject to Planning or have an Option Agreement in place can also be considered.
Ruala Properties land team will assess and qualify each potential site and provide feedback on development potential on the land.

Our Expertise

Ruala Properties has been founded on the strength of the network and previous expertise accrued in the property sector for many years.
This expertise lies in the identification of land with the ability to gain planning permission and being able to manage the process all the way through the development stage.

Ruala Properties is primarily focused on working with local councils and has the ability to understand local planning policies. This has given it the capability to gain successful planning permission in many areas nationwide.

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